PukanaLa Accessories

Magical Clip-On Tuner

Put-668 turns on automatically when it is clipped-on any interface.
Featured with 5 functions: Chromatic,Ukulele,Guitar,Bass,Violin.
Available in 7colors: Black,Blue,Yellow,Orange,Pink,Red,Purple.


Strong structure and anti-scratched
Easy for packing and disassembly
Easily portable and very stable for ukuleles
It protects instruments from scratching


Adjuster goes on your right side
Adjustabele black Leather
Hook attaches to sound hole

Foam Case

Available in Soprano, Concert, Tenor
Adjustable Strap
Big Pocket
Deluxe Embroidered Logo

Fiberglass Case

Available in Soprano, Concert, Tenor
Vertical Standalone Design
Strong Protection
Lockable Hook
Pile Lining
Available in Black,Silver,White

Wooden Case

Beautiful Arch design
PukanaLa LOGO tag
Thick foam, strong protection

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